Location: Akarca, Mersin, Turkey
Architectural Project: Vcycle
Project Team: Emir Drahşan, Ozan Ertuğ, Beste Kuşcu, Murat Sökün, Ümit Ertuğ, Ceren Sökün
Building Type: Ecovillage
Construction Area: 200.000 m²
Year: 2018
Status: Completed

Hu-köy is an integrative project which combine education, agriculture, hospitality, public services. The client; Gelecek Koleji is a school which provides education from kindergarten to high scool in its three different campus in the south of Turkey. Gelecek Koleji has a distinct approach which aims to alter Turkey’s conventional education patterns. The location is in a beautiful mountain valley of 20 hectares, leasehold from the state for 49 years. The project will function as an outdoor training center with accomodation for students of the Future College as well as other schools and companies. The new school, placed in the heart of the valley, will be surrounded by fields of ecological and organic agriculture where demonstrative and productive activities will be held. The outdoor trainings, which are in the core of this center, are designed simultaneously in order to be held all along the “training valley”. The complex will also function as an ecological hotel, restaurant and spa which offers divers experiences in the nature. There are also specific areas designed for camping, mobile homes and public spaces open to daily use. All buildings are designed with light foundations, local and sustainable materials.